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I saw design as a more lucrative alternative to being an “artist.” I know that sounds bad but I was trying to be realistic and not poor. In my youth, I was always painting, drawing, and even dabbled some in photography. When I learned I could be a designer, I saw the opportunity to incorporate all of my creative inclinations and passions into a career. Design gave my art structure and purpose.

I went to college and got a degree in visual communication — there I learned to love typography, the fundamentals of visual design, and the proper way to combine elements into a compelling piece.

Over time, I moved further from the page to the screen; designing websites, videos, and apps instead.

What compels me to keep doing what I'm doing comes down to the process. Over time, as my methods became more refined, I built a simple work philosophy centered around 3 things: proper communication, skilled training, and openness to learn. I believe these attributes are what help ground me as a
purposeful designer and creator.
Thank you!
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